New Tour Shirts! 

Attention to all those who support DRN’s music! 2019 is the 30th Anniversary of our album ‘SLAM’ which the single ‘Rainbow Child’ came from and was produced by Nile Rodgers in 1989 in NYC. We will be touring in the UK and Germany this December, as well as playing our hometown of Portland, Oregon on New Year’s Eve to celebrate this release and are now offering this Limited Edition ‘SLAM 30th ANNIVERSARY TOUR T-SHIRT’.  

We have created our own DRN original brand with this design as we are really happy how it turned out! For those interested these shirts are available worldwide here.  


Using the highest quality material we could find this Tshirt has DRN labels and tags as well as the Slam Tour Artwork. This is a one off piece of Dan Reed Network Merch.  

Orders will be shipped early November, weeks before the tour begins. Also we will be donating £1 from each T-shirt to an environmental charity. We haven't decided on which one yet as we are investigating which organization uses funds for the cause best. We also welcome any suggestions to worthy groups you are aware of or have worked with in the comments section below!  

The fit will be similar to a Gildan softstyle T-shirt and even better quality so we hope you will enjoy this item as much as we did designing it with a nod to our past for it is the foundation to our musical future.  

We can not thank you enough for being behind the music all these many years!  

Dan Pred Brion James Melvin Brannon Jr. Rob Daiker Dario Nikzad Martin Jarvis Will Blake Michael Kramer Janne Skip Sandin

Down The Front Media awards 

Congratulations to all the final nominees in the Down The Front Media awards... we are delighted that Ryders Creed are up for Live band of the year and Album of the Month winner for the Year... 
and  Massive Wagons are up for Album of the Year , Live band and Band of the Year... they are both alongside some fine company.... good luck everyone 🤗 

To vote for next round ... 

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pics - Down the Front Media

End of the Tour 

Manchester! You gave us the perfect ending to the tour! Thank you for a fantastic evening 🙂 I have nothing but love for the Marc Montgomery, James Bird, Scott Taylor, Matt, Craig and Gary from ‘Mason Hill’ and Joe, Jack, Tom and Phil from ‘Hollowstar’ who gave their hearts and souls every show, both on and off stage... a true honor to befriend you all on this tour, and will be watching your musical careers continue to blossom from near and afar! To our crew Dave Newton, Kerry Bechtol and Will Blake... you boys excelled each and every day and you have our deepest gratitude for your tireless energies and hard work! To Dario Nikzad, Peter Noble, Jules Carley and Lisa Bardsley... our love and gratitude for organizing and promoting this run of shows... it was spectacular each and every day. To Paul Anthony, Wyatt Wendels, and everyone at Planet Rock it was an honor to work beside you presenting this release! To Dave Ling and everyone at Classic Rock Magazine... we thank you for being on our side on this journey. To Graeme Purdy Bell, Amanda Rose, Janne Skip Sandin and Anders Gustafsson... our many thanks for the artwork, photos and web work on ‘Origins’! To Kateřina Bláhová only love for all the work you do organizing flights and doing accounting. Many thanks to STS for our backline, to Townsend Records in the UK and AOR Records in Germany for releasing this new album. To all the venue managers, promoters and staff’s for this run we wish to thank you for hosting us and being so kind and gracious to us all. Thank you to Martin Jarvis for your hard work helping us get here 🙂 To the lovely souls in the Caravan and Networkers... no band could be any more fortunate than to have the support you give DRN. We are truly blessed! - Dan Reed

We hope to see you all in Prague for New Year’s Eve or Berlin for our next ‘Studio Sessions’ on December 29th

Origins Nov Tour 

Honoured to announce the DRN ‘ORIGINS UK TOUR’ coming to you this November in celebration of an exciting music release we will be telling everyone about next month! Thank you to PLANET ROCK for co-presenting this tour and for all the work you do keeping rock and roll alive and well in the United Kingdom and the world at large! 

TICKETS available HERE - www.danreed-network/com/tour 

We are very excited to have ‘MASON HILL’ from Glasgow and ‘HOLLOWSTAR’ from Cambridge on the bill. These are two amazing up and coming UK hard rock groove bands whose music we really wanted to help expose to our audience as we know you will love their vibe and their sets will help make for a most memorable evening! Interested to hear more please check out their video links below to get a taste of their music! 

ALSO we will be doing a drawing on Facebook Live at the end of our DRN ‘Studio Sessions’ in Stockholm, Sweden on July 14th. The names of all those who share this post and help spread the word will be added to the drawing! The (10) names picked will win a new ‘Origins Tour T-Shirt’ and an invitation to come to the soundcheck of their choice of any of the UK dates. 

PLEASE NOTE the July 24th ‘Listening Party’ in London at ‘The Landor’ will be an afternoon event beginning at 2pm for those who are coming to the London show on the 23rd and wish to stick around and attend both events. The 24th Party is an exclusive event where only 70 tickets will be available on the ‘Dan Reed Networkers' group page, so please join up if you want to be there for the party or receive special offers in the future! 

Dan Reed Networkers LINK - 

We wish to thank everyone in the music industry that has helped us get to this point, those who help run our website and social pages, and all of you music lovers who have been supporting DRN since the very beginning, and all those who have discovered us over the last 6 years since returning to the stage and studio! We would not be here without all your love and support. It has been nothing but good times! We are very much looking forward to stepping it up a notch on this headline tour come November and rocking beside you all :-) 

Here’s to the future! 

MASON HILL “Now You See Me” - 

HOLLOWSTAR “All I Gotta Say” -

End of Extreme tour 

London! What a magical end to a year of DRN, Trio and Solo performances 🙂 First off I wish to thank our amazing management and crew for all your hard work and good energies making this last tour run so smooth and one for the books! Our love and gratitude to Dario Nikzad our Tour Manager and Co-Manager, Brollan Söderström our Front of House Soundman, Kerry Bechtol our Lighting Director, John Taylor our Monitor Man, Jamie 'The Vibologist' Dutton on Merch and crew, Pat Goodhand our trusted Bus Driver, and Anders Gustafsson who photo documented our tour with Extreme! Working beside you all has been a joy and honor... More to come! We would like to thank Kateřina Bláhová for booking all our travel and tour accounting, Martin Jarvis our agent for all your wonderful work, and Amanda Rose for your wonderful photos from the last show! My many thanks to Robby Hoffman, Nuno, Gary, Pat and Kevin for having us on this tour... Never has it felt more like family with another band and we certainly look forward to doing more work with you in the future! Your friendship and giving hearts will be forever cherished, and your performances each night were something to behold and learn from. To Frank, Mark, Martin, Ingrid, Carlos, Adam, Simon, and all the Extreme crew... Thank you for treating DRN with such respect, and for all your hard work each day. Our gratitude to Andy Copping and everyone at Live Nation and AEG for all your good work making this tour a success. Thank you to Graeme Purdy Bell and Peter Noble and Michaela for all your great efforts in getting the word out and making beautiful artwork for promoting this recent European Tour. Many thanks to our Backline Company, to Frontier's Records, to Paul Anthony and everyone at Planet Rock, Dave Ling and all the folks at Classic Rock, and all the reviewers and photographers that were at each Extreme Date! My apologies for jumping in to the pit and startling a few of you 🙂 Great hanging with Toni Medcalf and Joshua a couple of dates. Our love to Jules Carley for creating two DRN support groups who are quickly becoming an extended family 'The Caravan' and 'The Dan Reed Networkers! To Dan Pred, Brion James, Melvin Brannon Jr. And Rob Daiker... I could not be more blessed than to be on this musical journey with you four gentlemen. The laughter, inspiration, friendship and creative madness we all share is something that I will forever hold dear and I thank you for sharing this path beside me. Last but certainly not the least.. To all the good souls who welcomed us at the London show... Our sincere gratitude for the loving reception! Looking out and seeing so many friends and familiar faces was a beautiful thing, as was seeing many new curious and bewildered faces turn to smiles by the end of the set. Thank you all and we will shall return in 2018! Until then may you all have a heartwarming Christmas with your loved ones and a memorable ringing in of the New Year ❤  

I leave you all for the Holidays with a few photos from the London show by the talented Anders Gustafsson, and stay tuned for 2018 date announcements next week after Christmas! - Dan Reed


Arrived in Glasgow this morning. We have played here before over 25 years ago. Looking forward to what should be a great show tonight. 


I had an extra good time playing tonight. I felt inspired from watching Extreme the night before. Nuno is a great guitarist! There were a lot of people that had seen us the last time we were here and played in kilts!! The night was cold but the love in the house was warm! The set was short but everyone loved it and we made a few new fans as well! Thank you Glasgow 


What a great beginning to the tour with EXTREME last evening! The band and crew have been a joy to meet up with and work beside... And Extreme rocked our world big time... Ridiculously tight and full of passion for two hours straight! Thank you to everyone in the audience who welcomed us so warmly and all the positive comments online this day. We are beyond honored by this experience so far 🙂 See you tonight and come early... DRN hits the stage 30 minutes after doors! Thank you our hard working crew for a perfect first day of this run.   - Dan Reed

Photo by Anders Gustafsson


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