Welcome Annelise 

We would like to welcome Annelise on bass. Annelise is an accomplished musician from Portland Oregon. Come down and dance & check her out!

Sunday Cat Cruise 

The sunday cruise on the Stray Cat Catamaran has turned out to be the best thing to do on a sunday afternoon! Cruising the beaches and rockin the kini's and I'm having a ton of fun!!! Anyone can join us but it fills up fast. Call Capt. Dave for reservations at 3385-7457

New Years Eve 2015 

New Years Eve party was epic!!! 600 people on the beach dancin' & rockin' in the new year. Fireworks and champagne 'til 3am. Thank you all you cool Roatan-ittes that made this so special! Special kudos to Arron & Christine. This was a great way to kick out the old and bring in the new! Thanks to all my friends!! 

Home Sweet Home 

It's been an exciting year of touring in europe and the USA but there's no place like home! It feels good to be among real friends and extended family again. Check the calendar for show dates and places. See you on the beach!!

Return to Roatan 

I will be returning to Roatan nov 25th for the remainder of this year and all of next year. It's been a great year of touring europe and the US. I hope to see all my old friends and make some new ones as well. Brion James Band will be playing shows and rockin' the island. Check the calendar for dates and places. See ya soon!

Added Show 

Another DAN REED NETWORK performance has been added in the US! PHOENIX, Arizona on Sunday November 9th at 'The Pressroom', courtesy of Scott Bohall and Danny Zelisko. It's been well over 20 years since we've rocked this beautiful city in the Arizona desert, and we are excited and honored to be returning! 

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