European Tour 2017 

DRN is amped about returning to Europe for these dates in NORWAY, NETHERLANDS, UK, and SWEDEN! Hope to see you all there :-) For those interested in attending all ticket links are below or can be found at ''. (Norwegian Ticket Links forthcoming). Thank you for all the positive support for the new album, and for attending our recent shows celebrating 'Fight Another Day'!

Brion James New CD 

The new record is finished!! Give it a listen and support live music. Thanks to Bobby Rieman, Konrad Peter, Adi Herzer and all the people that inspired me to do this! Thanks and I hope you enjoy it!

DRN US tour 

Just a few weeks away before DRN performs in the US! We are very much looking forward to returning to NYC, NJ, and LA for the first time in over 20 years, and then up to Seattle and ending the short tour in our home town of Portland, Oregon! Time to funk it up!!

End of the tour! 

It went so fast ,I was sad to see it end. The response to the new record is awesome! The shows were great and many thanks go out to all the people that helped make this happen. Thank you! I'd like to echo the words of Dan Reed :

Well, London... You certainly made the end of the European Tour a roaring success, and probably our best UK show to date for DRN! The sing alongs, the dancing, the beaming faces and love you gave the band during the set and after will be something we cherish for years to come. You all brought the 100 Club to life last night and we are forever grateful. First we would like to thank Martin Jarvis for booking the date and for all your support. Our hats off to the hard working Peter Noble for the wonderful job you have done on behalf of the album's release. Our gratitude to Paul Anthony for the kind intro, and getting us on Planet Rock, and for covering on the door last night :) Love to Gavin Perrett for also working the door last minute, to Cecilia Portal for doing a great job on the merch! To the boys in the stellar group 'The King Lot' we are truly honored you made the journey and brought the good vibes with your infectious music and friendship! To Jules Carley, Laura Carley, Nigel Barlow, Viv Barlow, Amrin Thacker, Gill Watcham, Tor Gifford, Pippa Hannard, Andrew Gilling, Mel Toms, Brian Hellyer, Shari A. Hellyer, Dylan Goldthorpe, Debbie Goldthorpe, Franzi Kiss Dave Chapman and your dear wife and all those I am missing out mentioning from the Caravan... We are blessed to call you our true friends in this life. Happy Birthday to Mike Rees! Great seeing you and the gang!  Thank you to the talented Amanda Rose for both the live shots and photo shoot on the streets. A million thanks to Dario Nikzad for providing the Backline, working the show and for taking such good care of getting everyone where they needed on time! Many thanks to Kateřina Bláhová for the countless hours you put in organizing our journey! Thank you to Pat Cash, Dave Ling, and all the folks from different media outlets for being there to check out the show! Love to Linda and Mike Allen for attending and pointing us in the right direction. Great to see Richard Charles, Mike Colman, Ian Betley, Catherine Betley, Adrian Hextall, Paul Mortlock and your colleague who filmed 'Divided' and 'The Brave' videos. To Toni Medcalf... All I can say is thank you from the bottom of my heart for starting this new journey off on the best foot possible back in 2009, and we were all thrilled to see you and Joshua there last evening. Thanks to the amazing staff at the 100 Club, to Dan Rossall for getting us to the Corbar for the fun after party! Todd Thanhauser and Denise Hoffman-Thanhauser... What an honor that you three came all the way from the US to join us! Great to see you Soheila Clifford and your father and we all wish you only luck with your Simon Cowell audition this Saturday! Our gratitude to Derek Shulman, Dan Mackta and Dee Bahl for all your faith and caring work on our behalf. To Dan Pred Brion James Melvin Brannon Jr. Rob Daiker and Brollan Söderström... It is one of the great pleasures and immense honors of my life to be working beside you all... My true brothers! Thank you for all your hard work and we shall ride again soon :) To everyone who attended last night... Thank you for making this musical journey we find ourselves on worth every moment, and for being behind the music! Only love...

Arrived in Oslo 

Just arrived in Oslo. 81 degrees! Last night it never got dark! Gonna meet up with the boys in an hour -b

New DRN video! 

Hello everyone - Here is the debut of the first Single/Video from the new DRN Album 'Fight Another Day' entitled 'DIVIDED'. The album will be released June 3rd, and can be pre-ordered now on 'Amazon' or 'I-Tunes'. The track 'Divided' will be an instant download for anyone who pre-orders the album. Please share the video if you dig the track, and we look forward to hearing everyone's thoughts on the new music! Thank you for checking it out... and let's rock the future!!


Thank you Annelise! 

It's been my great pleasure to play with you Annelise. You're a beautiful soul & we all love you so much. Thank you for your shining light and your amazing energy! Please come back and bless us with your presence in the future. We will all miss you! It's not everyday I get to have my own personal unicorn. Good luck with whatever you endeavor to persue. We will all miss you!! Take care & I wish the best for you! Cheers!!

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