Planet RockStock 

Mist over the lake in Wales

Great show at the in Wales at Planet RockStock! Sold out show!! 2500 people


Hanging out with the “Electric Boys at the hotel bar. The boys play before us.

Studio session at Blueprint Studio  

Thank you to everyone who made yesterday's 'DRN Studio Session' such a wonderful gathering! I have been reading the posts of many of you who attended and want to say we in the band felt it was a one of a kind experience for us as well, and we truly enjoyed every single minute, saying to each other today it was a highlight of our entire musical history  Thank you all for supporting this idea, for surrounding the band with a pool of positivity that allowed us to feel free to create without distraction, for your good humor, and for singing your hearts out on 'Fade to Light' and 'Ritual'! We will be doing more of these gatherings in upstate NY  and Portland, Oregon in May and in Stockholm in July as we felt it was another level of connecting with those who support our music, and something we wish to continue doing... What a day! My sincere gratitude to Dario Nikzad for brainstorming this idea up and working so hard beside me this last year to bring this to fruition, to continually come up with solutions to the challenges an event like this presents and for marching DRN in to the future! Love to Jules Carley for all your good energies with the Caravan and the Networkers pages. It was an honor to have your presence for I know how much your efforts helped make this event a success as well. Many thanks to Paul Mortlock, Jan, and all your talented crew for filming the day, and doing all the great interview segments, to Gaz and Ian at 'Blue Print Studios' for busting your butts on every level, to Amanda Rose Photography for capturing the photos attached below, to John on sound, to the caterers who delivered some very tasty food, to Kelebek Wilcox for doing the merch, to the Eagle Inn for running the bar and the after party, to Mo and the door staff at the Studio, to Peter Noble for spreading the word, and finally to Adrian Hextall from Power Play Magazine for covering the story! The band and myself are eternally grateful to all those who traveled from Australia, America, Sweden, Finland, Spain and throughout the UK to be with us yesterday and who made it all possible. Hope you had great birthdays Nikki Parker and Lynne Watson, and after serving everyone their meals we are discussing opening our own deli, so look out... DRN Catering may be just around the corner 

- review by Dan Reed



“Soundstage” in Madrid  

It was a true joy performing at 'Sound Stage'... What a fun evening with a lovely audience! We felt such love from everyone who attended and the comments by the audience after and their smiles during the set filled us with the hopes to return in the near future. To all the good souls who attended and all the staff who worked their butts off... Our deepest gratitude! And to 'Yellow Dog Conspiracy'... You guys are pure class and rocked our world with your music, humility and kind hearts... and we all hope to work beside you again in the future! 

Arrived in Lisbon  

I arrived in Lisbon this morning for a day off before we start the European tour. Lisbon is a beautiful city and the fall colors were great to see. This is a 125 year old ex-bullfighting arena that has been turned into a mall. I can’t wait to play our first show tomorrow and see the rest of the boys tonight!

DRN begins the European tour! 

DRN begins it's European Tour in LISBON, Portugal, then on to Madrid, Wales, Germany, Switzerland, Sweden and back to the UK on December 13th to support 'EXTREME'!  

Time to rock it up, leave all that divides us checked at the door, and celebrate this crazy beautiful world we find ourselves on :-) Hope to see you there!  

Fall Touring with Extreme 

All cylinders are furiously firing, Dan Reed Network are back all guns blazing. With the recent release of their critically acclaimed album “Fight Another Day” safely in their pockets, the band have indulged Europe and the States in a fiery return to the touring circuit. 

To celebrate their upcoming special guest appearance on EXTREME’S December UK tour, on Monday 31st July, Dan Reed Network will launch the official music video for their single “Infected”. 

Watch the new video - Embed Code - 

“DRN is honoured to be touring with EXTREME this December in the UK,” says Dan Reed. “The funk rock scene of the late 80’s early 90’s was an exciting, inventive era in the music scene and to be sharing the stage with one of a handful of bands that championed that movement will be nothing but good times on stage for us, and a raucous experience for the audience. This tour promises to be an adrenaline fuelled evening of soaring melodies, infectious grooves and a party atmosphere that we in the band are truly excited about being a part of, and we are tremendously grateful to be on the road with such a talented and innovative band. Time to funk it up big time!”

Summertime fun in London  

Hello everyone! Much thanks and gratitude to all my people in the network. I'll be spending July and aug in London and I invite anyone who wants to show me around to join me. I gonna play tourist and take in the many culturally cool areas. I'll most likely play a few shows here and there with my old band and I look forward to jamming with some new friends! I'll post more details in a week or so. Thanks!!!

End of tour thanks 

The perfect ending to an amazing European Tour! Thank you Stockholm for an epic sold out sweaty sing along at 'Lille Hotellbaren' :) and the heartwarming after party at 'Noels'! We in DRN are truly blessed to have had so many positive souls attend last night and wish to thank Peter Gomez, Phillip and Rene from the promotion company, the good folks at KB, Abel our soundman... Thank you Brollan Söderström for all your assistance from afar. Love to Mia Gawell Skog, Sanna Larsson for doing the merch! To Helene Wahlström for selling your jewelry and raising money and cancer awareness in honor of your family who are going through dealing with this illness. Thank you to Susanne Ocklund for always being there for us. Gratitude to Robert Mehmet Sinan Ikiz for sitting in. Much love to all the good souls at 4 Sound Music for fixing Melvin's bass out of friendship. Big props to Jimmy Lagnefors for loaning Rob the strat :) Our deepest gratitude to Noel Borday, Jasmine and Frida for hosting the after party, and being so patience with the packed room. Great surprise seeing Keith Stanton and Lisa Stanton... Happy Birthday, Lisa! Thank you to Sofi Love for the thoughtful handmade gifts for the band and Thomas Littell :) Many thanks to Tia Tuhkunen and Anthony Chu for the hook up at Clarion Hotel, our beautiful home away from home. And to everyone who rained down only love during our set... We salute you. We shall see you all again in 2018 - Dan Reed

European tour 1 2017 

With less than a week before the tour I'm getting excited to rock with the boys and see old friends!  Should be a fantastic tour and I hope to see everyone!! Thanks for all the love!!

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